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The Mirror King

Behold, The Power Of The Mirror King

Discover the ancient Aztec world where a king’s destiny intertwines with a mystical mirror.

About The Story

The Saga Begins

The Mirror King chronicles the story of a revered Aztec ruling family, whose fate is forever altered by the mysterious death of the father and the discover of a powerful mirror. The eldest son’s quest for understanding will lead you though a dramatic journey into rich Aztec mythology, power struggles, and a kingdom in the balance. Little did he know how much the mirror would shape the future of his reign and his people. Within its reflective surface lie visions that challenge reality, propelling the king into a vortex of prophecy and intrigue. As he grapples with the mirror’s revelations, the king must navigate a path littered with political strife, ancient magic, and a destiny that could alter the course of history.

Expansion Strategy

Building An Aztec Universe

The Mirror King is the anchor of an expanding universe with rich history, stories, characters, drama, and endless opportunities to transport back to a time of magic and mysticism.

Digital Collectibles

Own a piece of the legend with unique digital collectibles that hold the ancient world’s secrets.

Graphic Novel

Experience the story in vibrant detail with our graphic novel series. Each page bursts with color and action, bringing the Aztec empire and its myths to life.”

Trading Card Game

Test your strategic might with our tabletop card game. Earn the gods favor, vying for control through cunning, strength, and magical relics.”

Anime Series

Follow the adventures of The Mirror King as the story unfolds in a series that blends history with fantasy, revealing the mirror’s power and the king’s journey.


Fostering A Passionate Fanbase

Building the Kingdom: Crafting a Community of Collectors and Guardians of Lore


Quest of the Mirror King

Join the ranks of The Mirror King loyalists by embarking on a quest for exclusive digital collectibles. Sign up to receive your first artifact and become part of a growing community of enthusiasts and lore-keepers.

Collecting Artifacts

Expand your collection with a diverse array of digital artifacts, each with its own story and significance in the Aztec universe. Engage in community challenges and events to acquire rare and powerful items that enhance your standing within the community.

Share the Lore

Connect with fellow collectors to trade artifacts, share stories, and piece together the sprawling narrative of 'The Mirror King.' Our platform encourages community-driven storytelling, allowing fans to contribute to the legend.

Ascend the Throne

Achieve recognition as a connoisseur of Aztec mythology and a pillar of The Mirror King community. High-ranking collectors gain access to exclusive content, insider information, and the chance to influence future narratives and releases.

Frequently Asked Questions.


"The Mirror King" is a fictional universe set in an ancient Aztec world. The story revolves around a young prince who becomes king and faces challenges involving wisdom, courage, power, and a mystical obsidian mirror.

The key extensions include a tabletop trading card game, a graphic novel series, a line of merchandise, digital collectibles, and a video content series.

The collectibles launch aims to build an enthusiastic community of supporters, providing initial funding and creating excitement around the IP.

It's a game set in "The Mirror King" universe, combining strategy, resource management, and character development, with mechanics inspired by Aztec culture. It will be available in both physical and digital formats.

The graphic novels will expand the movie’s storyline, exploring untold stories, backstories of key characters, and hidden aspects of the Aztec world. They will be available in digital and physical formats.

The roadmap starts with the collectibles launch in Q2 2024, followed by the release of the tabletop trading card game, the video content series, and finally the graphic novel series.

Command Your Collection