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About Us

Dive deep into a realm where the past and present collide, creating rich stories that resonate with the soul of Aztec culture.


About The Mirror King

Welcome to the Mirror King universe—a captivating realm where imagination converges with heritage, and storytelling transcends the confines of time. Our journey begins with an audacious idea, transforming into a sprawling saga that offers not just entertainment but a profound cultural odyssey.

Get To Know Us

Our Origin Story

The genesis of The Mirror King is a tale of creativity and cultural reverence. It all started with a simple yet powerful vision: to craft a multi-dimensional entertainment experience that not only captivates and entertains but also educates and promotes cultural awareness. At the core of our universe lies the epic journey of the Mirror King himself—from his humble beginnings as a young prince, through the harrowing tragedy that reshaped his destiny, to the discovery of a magical obsidian mirror. This mirror not only unveils his fate but intricately binds his path with that of the gods themselves. Yet, this narrative is merely the prologue to a much grander saga.​

Our ambition is to immerse you in the Mirror King's universe through a variety of interactive mediums. Envision strategizing in intense battles for supremacy within our trading card game, where your intellect can alter the course of empires. Delve into our graphic novels, where each illustration is a portal into a realm where myths materialize. Own a fragment of this enchantment through our exclusive digital collectibles, don the emblematic Mirror King inspired apparel, or cherish the luxury toy collectibles that embody the mystique of our universe.

These avenues are not mere entertainment touchpoints; they are bridges to a deeper connection with The Mirror King universe, eventually evolving into captivating video content and anime series that further explore this rich world.

Core Essence

The Heart Of Our Universe


Yet, what truly distinguishes The Mirror King is its soul. Our universe is animated by a fervent community of enthusiasts, a tribute to the splendid Aztec culture, and a dedication to preserving and venerating ancient wisdom. Our narrative is more than a mere tale—it's a legacy we are crafting together, one that resonates with the vibrancy and depth of the cultures it represents.

Central to our motivation is a personal quest to forge something of enduring value—a legacy for my son that honors and celebrates the culture of his ancestors. This initiative is more than a business endeavor; it is a legacy project, a tribute to the rich tapestry of Aztec civilization. Through integrating these historical and cultural elements into contemporary entertainment, we strive to bridge the ancient and the modern, offering a glimpse into a world that merits wider acknowledgment and esteem.

The Purpose

Our Mission


The cornerstone of our mission is to uplift artists of all disciplines from the historic region of Mesoamerica—encompassing modern-day countries such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico—be it graphic, musical, or visual arts. Our platform stands as a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of these artists, providing them with a stage to showcase their talents and contribute to a narrative that is as enriching as it is entertaining. In doing so, we not only celebrate their work but also instill a sense of pride and connection to their heritage.

At The Mirror King, we are more than creators; we are custodians of culture, weavers of stories, and builders of legacies. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we explore the past, illuminate the present, and inspire the future. Together, let's create a world where every battle fought, every tale told, and every art created honors the legacy of those who came before us, and inspire those who will follow.

Welcome to The Mirror King universe, where every piece is a part of a larger story, and every story is a bridge to a world waiting to be discovered.

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