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Navigate The Mirror King's journey through our strategic and visionary milestones.

Road Map

The Journey Of Mirror King


Build Community

Our journey begins with forging a strong, vibrant community around The Mirror King. Through engaging content, interactive discussions, and exclusive events, we aim to connect enthusiasts and build a foundation for the project's growth.

Spring, 2024
Mint Mirror King - Xopan ‘24

In the spring of 2024, we will mint the inaugural Mirror King NFTs. These digital assets will not only be collectibles but also act as keys to unlock special content and privileges within our expanding universe.

Q2, 2024
Establish Trading Card Subsidiary

To bring The Mirror King into the hands of strategists and collectors, we will establish a dedicated subsidiary for trading cards. This new venture will focus on developing a physical and digital card game that embodies our rich lore.

Q2, 2024
Establish and Donate Money to DAF

Philanthropy is at the heart of our mission. We will establish a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) to support causes that resonate with our community's values and to reinforce our commitment to social responsibility.

Q2, 2024
Explore Securities and Provide Legal Opinion to Community

We will navigate the evolving landscape of digital collectibles as potential securities, providing our community with a comprehensive legal opinion. This ensures transparency and aligns with our commitment to pioneering in a responsible manner.

Q2/Q3, 2024
Print and Distribute TCG First Edition Holder Benefits

The first edition of 'The Mirror King' trading card game will not only be a collector's item but will also come with holder benefits. These may include exclusive cards and accessories,

Q3, 2024
Launch TCG in Digital Card Platform

Expanding our lore into the digital space, we will launch the trading card game on a digital platform. This allows players worldwide to collect and experience The Mirror King saga interactively.

Q3, 2024
Secure Graphic Novel Artists

We will collaborate with illustrious artists to bring The Mirror King graphic novel to life. Their vision and skill will translate our story into a visual masterpiece.

Q3, 2024
Establish Publishing Subsidiary

To streamline the production and distribution of our content, we will set up a publishing subsidiary. This will enable us to maintain creative control and ensure the quality of our graphic novels and publishing assets.

Begin Graphic Novel Production

The tale of The Mirror King will take a tangible form as we initiate the production of the graphic novel. This marks a significant step in bringing the visual and narrative elements of our story to a global audience.

Q3, 2024
Create Art for Mirror King - Tonallan ‘24

In the late fall of 2024, we plan to release a new collection of art for The Mirror King. This artwork will showcase the pivotal moments and characters of the narrative, enhancing the depth and reach of our universe.

Q4, 2024
Create Mirror King Anime Treatment

We will craft a detailed anime treatment that outlines the adaptation of The Mirror King story into an animated format. This document will be the blueprint for bringing the Aztec-inspired saga to the screen.

Q4, 2024
Mint Mirror King - Tonallan ‘24

This launch will introduce the world to the depth of the Aztec universe with immersive digital experiences and rich storytelling, marking a pivotal expansion of 'The Mirror King' narrative.

Complete Graphic Novel

The completion of the graphic novel will be a milestone achievement, representing the culmination of storytelling and artistic expression. It will be ready for readers to immerse themselves in the epic world we've created.

Promote and Publish Novel

Following its completion, we will embark on a robust promotion campaign for the graphic novel. The publication will bring The Mirror King's story to bookshelves and digital platforms, reaching a broad audience of readers and fans.

Distribute Graphic Novel Holder Benefits

Eligible digital collectible holders will be rewarded with exclusive benefits, recognizing their support and enhancing their connection to The Mirror King universe. These benefits will enrich the reader's experience beyond the pages of the novel.

Create Mirror King Anime Trailer

To captivate and expand our audience, we will create a compelling anime trailer for 'The Mirror King.' This teaser will provide a glimpse into the animation style and narrative direction of the series.

Post and Promote Anime Trailer

The anime trailer will be shared and promoted across multiple platforms to generate buzz and anticipation. Our promotional efforts will invite viewers to a visual feast that encapsulates the essence of The Mirror King.

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